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Grant Applications

The Oticon Foundation grants are allocated annually to New Zealand projects that increase awareness and knowledge about hearing loss. Each year a range of projects receive funding from The Oticon Foundation in New Zealand. These projects typically range from specialist training, research, services for hearing impaired people, and visits from overseas experts.

  Click here to view The Oticon Foundation in New Zealand Brochure (to view the PDF-file Adobe Acrobat can be downloaded free of charge here).

How to Apply for The Oticon Foundation Grants

Applications must include the following information:

Project Information
1. The title of your project
2. A summary of your project (no more than 150 words)
3. Your qualifications relevant to the project
4. The aim and design of your project and the expected completion date.

If your application is not for a project include instead:
Details of the grant requested
Reasons why you are applying for a grant.

Application Information
1. Your name and address.
2. If relevant, the organisation you represent and copies of the latest balance sheet and annual report.
3. How the hearing impaired in New Zealand will benefit from your research.
4. Information about any funding you may be seeking from other organisations for this or other projects.
5. Details on overseas travel, if relevant. Please state whether you will be returning to New Zealand permanently after the visit is completed.
6. Information about how you will publicise your projects and results (we would like you to seek as wide an audience as possible).
7. Details on how you will promote The Oticon Foundation if your application is successful.

Submit your application (5 copies and an electronic copy by email) by 31 March to:

The Secretary
Oticon Foundation in New Zealand
PO Box 28058

Phone 021 647 330

If your application is successful you will be required to:
Submit a report (5 copies and an electronic copy by email) within 3 months' completion of the project and before 31st March following year.
Disseminate your results or information from the project to as wide an audience as possible e.g. to the bulletins and newsletters of professional groups, hearing impaired and Deaf groups.
Acknowledge The Oticon Foundation in any reports or publications about your project research.

Previous Projects Funded

The aim of The Oticon Foundation in New Zealand has always been to fund New Zealand projects that increase awareness and knowledge about hearing loss, to break down the stigma it is so often associated with.

Take a look at the issues of Soundscape where previous projects funded are listed.

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